Right now I’m using Dragon Dictation in order to take what’s in my head and put it out on paper. What I like about this is that I can talk at a really good speed and it will take exactly what I’m saying and put it into my WordPress site.

Here is a sample of what I said at my normal speaking speed:

So let’s talk some real estate topics like split main master deepwater view view or deepwater. So if you get a real estate listing and you want to get it to rank on the search engines better than other people have a similar listing what you should do is keyword the public description of the listing. What I mean by this, is that your property has things about it that people are searching for like you split master where the master bedroom is on one side of the house and the bed of the bedrooms on the other side of the house this makes it to where when someone cools your clients area or school district or county or city that when they add to it split master your properties and knowing her show up better on your website but on all your competitors websites by keywording your listing to go after the keywords that people are using to find property you will jump out above your competitors on their own site for that type of property.

So let’s say you have a deep water home for sale in Jupiter Florida. Let’s also say that the property has split master. So in your description you would say great deepwater home for sale with a split master floorplan in Jupiter Florida. By doing this when people global the specific type of property, which is normally $1 million plus property, your property will show up on the first page of Google above your competitors.

Okay all that I said here was at a very so it’s something that you should think about when you don’t want to blog but you could speak well.